1st Bank Yuma Online Banking Login – All You Need to Know

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1st Bank Yuma is the premier, full-service community bank in Yuma County and Santa Cruz County. 1st Bank Yuma positions itself as community focused and has established itself as a responsible citizen and a business leader in the communities in which it operates. Let’s dive into what you need to know to navigate the 1st Bank Yuma online banking login portal.

1st Bank Yuma Logo
Branch/ ATM LocatorLocations
Routing Number122105906
Mobile BankingiPhone I iPad I Android
ContactToll-free Bank Phone

Telephone Banking (24hr)

How to Login to 1st Bank Yuma Online Banking

1st Bank Yuma is accessible through your devices with just a click. Follow these clear instructions to login smoothly.

Step 1: Access the 1st Bank Yuma website on this link. Find the Login button on the homepage as shown below:

1st Bank Yuma Home Page with Login Button Highlighted

Step 2: The Login box is located on the top right corner of the website. Click it, and it will drop down to show the screen given below.

1st Bank Yuma Online Banking Login

Step 3: Insert your Username and Password.

Step 4: Finally, click the LOG IN button to proceed.

How to Reset Your Password on 1st Bank Yuma Online

It’s quite naturally to forgot your password specially if you have not logged into the 1st Bank Yuma online banking login portal in a while. This section covers how to reset your password on the system.

Step 1: Inside the previously mentioned Login Box, you will find the Forgot Password option underneath the Personal First Time Users option.

1st Bank Yuma Reset Password Option on Homepage

Step 2: Click the Forgot Password button and you will be directed to this page. Insert your login name and password and click Next.

1st Bank Yuma Reset Password Page

Step 3: Wait for the bank to contact you through email to reset the password. Please note you may be asked to answer a Recovery Question that you submitted to the bank when you signed up for the first time.

How to Recover Your Username on 1st Bank Yuma Online

At one time, you’re struggling to remember your Username. Don’t worry, this article will show how to recover it.

Step 1: In the Log In box on the homepage, you will find the Forget Username button right below the Forgot Password.

Recover Username option on the Homepage

Step 2: Click the Forgot Username button and you will be directed to this page.

Recover Username Page

Step 3: Enter your Email Address and Social Security Number and click Request Username. Your username will be emailed to the email address connected with your online account.

Type of Accounts/Services Provided by 1st Bank Yuma 

1st Bank Yuma offers services for Business and Personal Needs as well as Loans. This article will break them down one by one in detail.

Business Services

Here we look at the various business they provide their clients.

Business Checking

1st Bank Yuma offers Business Checking services ideal for various business owners who need running costs in their checking account:

  1. 1st Business Checking: Ideal for small businesses and organizations with minimal activity. Free check images included with the statement.
  2. 1st Analysis Checking: Useful for commercial businesses requiring specialized services; multiple accounts can be combined to offset activity fees.
  3. 1st Business Interest Checking: Useful for sole proprietors, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. You can earn interest on Daily Ledger Balances – paid monthly.

These are the option they offer for you to digest. There are three options to chose from depending on whether you are a SMEs, conglomerate or a non-profit organization.

Business Savings

1st Bank Yuma offers business savings accounts depending on whether you are a small business or a large commercial business. Here are 2 of them:

  1. 1st Select Business Savings where interest is earned on daily ledger balances and compounded quarterly
  2. 1st Elite Business Savings with no maintenance fee.

Depending on the size, capacity, and industry of your business, you can chose the savings plan best suited for your company.

Business Debit & Credit Cards

At 1st Bank Yuma, there are plenty of business cards you can choose from as you build your business from the ground up:

  1. Business Mastercard® Debit and ATM Cards give you access to cash worldwide, wherever Mastercard® is accepted.
  2. Business Mastercard® Credit Cards – Standard features no annual fee and a 25-day interest-free grace period on all purchases.
  3. Business Mastercard® Credit CardsPreferred Points Rewards feature one reward point for each dollar spent, up to 10,000 points per month.

Whether the industry you operate in requires you to make quick transactions, large transactions or require you to travel frequent, there are plenty of options at 1st Bank Yuma.

Personal Services

Here are the many personal services offered by 1st Yuma Bank.

Personal Checking Accounts

You can create and select any of the provided personal checking accounts by 1st Bank Yuma:

  1. 1st Rate – Rewards Checking: Offers their customers “rewards” of a higher rate on a checking account with T&C applied.
  2. 1st Exclusive Checking: Not required to maintain minimum balance.
  3. 1st Senior Checking: Offered to 55+ individuals.
  4. 1st Executive Checking: Offers unlimited check writing options.
  5. 1st Elite Checking: Offers free cashier checks.

These accounts vary on maintenance fees, minimum balance requirements, opening balance requirements, card connections, etc.

Personal Savings Accounts

Savings Accounts that offers plenty of additional features like easily transferrable funds, scheduled automatic deposits, etc.

  1. 1st Select Savings: Interest earned on daily ledger balances and compounded quarterly.
  2. 1st Rewards Savings: Designed to help customers save for special occasions.
  3. 1st Elite Savings: Equipped with no maintenance fee.

They vary in terms of withdrawal fees, benefits, maintenance fees, opening balance requirements, etc.

Personal Debit & Credit Cards

Here the personal cards offered by 1st Bank Yuma are covered.

  1. Mastercard® Debit and ATM Cards to withdraw cash from checking or savings accounts and check your account balances.
  2. Personal Credit Card – Low Rate with no annual fees and a low introductory rate for the first six months.
  3. Personal Credit Card – World / Preferred Points Rewards which allows you to earn points that you can redeem for rewards.

As different people have different purchasing habits, chose carefully the card that suits your needs best.

Personal Products & Services

Here are additional personal products and services you might be interested in.

  1. Money Desktop: A secure online Personal Financial Management tool (PFM), that is integrated the bank’s Online Banking system.
  2. Individual Retirement Accounts: An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) offering combined benefits of tax savings and a solid income for your retirement.
  3. Coverdell Education Savings Account (CESA): An account created to help parents and students save for education.
  4. Simplified Employee Pension (SEP): A service that provides a significant source of income at retirement by allowing employers to set aside money in retirement accounts for themselves and/or employees.

As digitalization, retirement, education expenses and pension systems are all important for different people in different stages of life, you can assess whether you need these services to fulfill your and your dependents current needs.


Money given on credit can vastly help businesses and individual achieve their personal agendas. Check what 1st Yuma Bank offers here.

Business Loans

1st Bank Yuma offers a wide variety of business loans to SMEs, conglomerates and non-profits. These include Equipment Loans/Leases, Commercial Real Estate, Land Development, Small Business Loans, and Farm Loans.

Residential Loans

1st Bank Yuma will help you purchase home, build your dream home or refinance your existing home through residential loans. These include Land or Lot, Home Equity Lines of Credit, and Construction Loans.

Consumer Loans

1st Bank Yuma offer consumer loans such as Overdraft Lines of Credit and CD Secured.

Mobile Banking Capabilities of 1st Bank Yuma

1st Bank Yuma offers Mobile Banking service with an improved look and feel, as well as sophisticated technology such as biometrics – including FaceID. Mobile Banking is available for download in Google Play and the Apple App stores.

Added functionalities include:

  • Alert management
  • Internal-to-Internal (i2i) transfers
  • Submit Travel Notifications
  • Check Stop payments
  • Update Profile including changing username, password, email, account description, etc.

We’ve given the links to download their applications on top of the page.

Common Banking Fees of 1st Bank Yuma

There are Minimum Fees to receive APY per account for services such as Checking and Savings Accounts, Certificates of Deposit, and Schedule of Service Charges and Fees in 1st Bank Yuma.

Let’s look at these different rates.

Checking and Savings Account Rates:

Account TypeMinimum to Receive APYInterest Rate/ APY
1st Executive Checking$1,5000.03% / 0.03%
1st Elite Checking$5,0000.08% / 0.08%
1st Rate Rewards Checking*
Option 1

Option 2



1.49% / 1.50%

0.05% / 0.05%
1st Premium Money Market Account
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4





0.02% / 0.02%

0.03% /0.03%

0.08% / 0.08%

0.10% / 0.10%
1st Select Savings$1000.03% / 0.03%
1st Elite Savings
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4





0.08% / 0.08%

0.10% / 0.10%

0.15% / 0.15%

0.20% / 0.20%

Certificates of Deposit Rates:

Term PeriodMinimum to Receive APYInterest Rate/ APY
7-31 Day
Option 1

Option 2



0.03% / 0.03%

0.05% / 0.05%
32-89 Day
Option 1

Option 2



0.03% / 0.03%

0.05% / 0.05%
90-179 Day
Option 1

Option 2



0.03% / 0.03%

0.08% / 0.08%
180-364 Day
Option 1

Option 2



0.07% / 0.07%

0.12% / 0.12%
1 Year
Option 1

Option 2



0.10% / 0.10%

0.15% / 0.15%
18 Month
Option 1

Option 2



0.13% / 0.13%

0.17% / 0.17%
2 Year
Option 1

Option 2



0.15% / 0.15%

0.20% / 0.20%
3 Year
Option 1

Option 2



0.25% / 0.25%

0.30% / 0.30%
4 Year
Option 1

Option 2



0.30% / 0.30%

0.35% / 0.35%
5 Year
Option 1

Option 2



0.35% / 0.35%

0.40% / 0.40%

Schedule of Service Charges and Fees:

Schedule of Service Charges and Fees

Always be mindful about whether you can incur the costs associated with differing accounts, CDs, loans, etc., before you invest with a bank.

1st Bank Yuma Minimum Deposits

Here are the minimum deposits required for business checking, business savings, personal savings and personal checking.

Business CheckingPersonal Checking Accounts
1st Business Checking: $100.00
1st Analysis Checking: $500.00
1st Business Interest Checking: $1,000.00
1st Business Money Market Account: $1,000.00

1st Rate Rewards Checking: $100.00
1st Exclusive Checking: $100.00
1st Senior Checking: $100.00
1st Executive Checking: $1,000.00
1st Elite Checking: $5,000.00
1st Premium Money Market Account: $1,000.00
Business SavingsPersonal Savings Accounts
1st Select Business Savings: $100.00
1st Elite Business Savings: $50,000.00

1st Select Savings: $100.00
1st Rewards Savings: $100.00
1st Elite Savings: $50,000.00

1st Bank Yuma Interest Rates

Interest Rates can be found in the same table as Checking and Savings Accounts, Certificates of Deposit. Here is the picture below for more detail.

Checking and Savings Accounts Interest Rates
Checking and Savings Accounts Interest Rates and APY
Certificates of Deposits Interest Rates and APY
Certificates of Deposit Interest Rates and APY

CDs terms can vary from 7-31 days to 5 years which gives you plenty to chose from to invest your money short or long term.

How To Contact 1st Bank Yuma

Toll-free Bank Phone: 1-866-384-3226

Telephone Banking (24hr): 1-866-422-6598

Afterhouse SHAZAM Debit Card Customer Service: 1-866-508-2693

Report a Lost or Stolen Cards: 1-800-383-8000

Banks of Similar Capacity

1st Bank Yuma brands itself as community focused, meaning there is a localization of decision-making to meet customer needs and enhance shareholder value as part of their business strategy.

For more banking reviews of similar capacity, check out these links on our website.

Please contact us for any questions you may have about logging in, recovering username, resetting password, and their products for their business and personal clients.