1st Source Online Banking Login Guide for Old and New Customers

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The objective of 1st Source Bank, headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, is to help their clients achieve security, build wealth and realize their dreams. They perform this by providing straightforward advice and keeping their client’s best interests in mind. Here we cover the ins and outs of the 1st Source online banking login portal along with information about their products and services, fees, and more.

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How To Login to 1st Source Online Banking Login Portal

Before accessing all of 1st Source Bank’s services, first, you need to login to your online account.

How to log in? Follow the guidelines below. 

Step 1: Go to the official website of 1st Source Bank through this link.

Step 2: Locate and click the Sign In button with a key icon on the top right corner of the website OR locate the SIGN IN box on the right side of the website.

1st source online banking sign in

Step 3: Select the type of Online Banking account you have. There are two types to choose from, Personal and Business, with several options for each. Unless you are a business entity or invest in 1st Source for a specific service, you will most probably have a Personal Online Banking account.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the many choices!

1st Source online banking login

Step 4: Insert your User ID and Password.

Step 5: Click on the SIGN IN button.

How to Reset Your Password on 1st Source Login

If you forgot your password and can’t access your account, you’ll need to reset your password. Follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Click the Forgot Password button underneath the grey SIGN IN button. 

1st source bank reset password

Step 2: Once you’ve clicked that, the app will direct you to the page below:

1st source resetting password

Step 3: Insert the Phone number connected to your bank account along with your Username. Make sure the country code is set to +1 if you are from the U.S. 

Step 4: Click the Send me a new password button. There is also an option to recover your username if you forgot it on this page.

Step 5: After clicking the Send me a new password button, you will receive a temporary password on your phone. Use that to login to your account and reset the password to something you will remember.  

How to Recover Your Username on 1st Source Online Banking 

Please note that the I forgot my username link is not on the homepage.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to reset your Username on the 1st Source Online Banking Login portal. 

Step 1: Click the Forgot Password button underneath the grey SIGN IN button on the homepage or click here.

Step 2: Click the I Forgot My Username button underneath the orange Send me a new password box. 

1st source bank recover username

Step 3: You will be directed to the following page:

1st Source Bank Forgot Username

Step 3: Enter the email you use for online banking with 1st Source. After this is done, the Bank will email you the Username. 

Step 4: Click Send, and you will receive an email with instructions. Please follow them carefully.

How to Enroll/Sign up/Open an Account on 1st Source Online

If you don’t have a 1st Source online bank account yet, you can follow these steps to sign up or open up an account. 

Step 1: Click the Sign-Up button next to Forgot your Password, inside Manage Your Accounts

1st source bank sign up

Step 2: Afterwards, you will be redirected to a page that contains a form to fill up essential data, as seen below.

1st Source Sign Up Registration Form

Step 3: Do not forget to tick the “I have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions of service” box after you fill up your User IDPasswordPersonal Information, Contact Information, and Account Type and Number

Step 4: Once you have completed the form, click the Complete Sign up button. 

*Please note: If you need help during the process, you can call for assistance via 800-513-2360 or Email the bank’s customer service via 1stsource@1stsource.com

Type of Accounts/Services of 1st Source

1st Source Bank offers a variety of Services for Personal accounts/needs.

Online/Mobile Banking

Online Banking allows you to conveniently access your account information online. There are some features within the 1st Source Online Banking Login portal that you can use to securely access your account information 24/7:

  • You can use Zelle to send money in minutes from your bank account to your friends, family, and others you trust by using their U.S. mobile number or email address or their bank accounts.
  • Can use Bank-to-Bank Transfer to transfer money between your 1st Source accounts and non-1st Source accounts with ease. 1st Source Bank-to-Bank Transfer is available for clients with personal checking and/or savings accounts.
  • You can manage your finance with Money Management. It is a user-friendly budgeting tool that puts your finance in the center stage by categorizing your transactions, helping you create budgets, viewing your spending trends, and managing your debts.
  • See your account transactions and history.
  • Pay bills without writing checks.
  • Sign Up for paperless statements.

These services are specially helpful for people looking to simplify their financial habits. So many task can be done from the comfort of your home without ever having to go to the bank physically.


1st Source Bank offers many types of loans that you can choose to get a new car, fix up your house, build credit, cover emergency expenses, and many more. You can access their loans at this link or you can give them a call at 888-255-6644 for specific queries you may have:

  • Auto Loans are a type of loan that you use to ease up your ownership of a New, used, or “pre-owned,” car, truck, or SUV. Auto Loans from 1st Source Bank also offers fixed-rate loans with a wide range of terms in order to meet clients’ budgets.
  • Personal Loans are a type of loan that you use to secure your personal yet essential belongings like an RTV, RV, house, and many more. Personal Loans from 1st Source Bank are simple interest loans and they offer both fixed and variable-rate loans with a wide range of terms to fit your budget.
  • Home Equity Loans are a type of loan that has a set payment and set payoff as well to set for a specific dollar amount. Home Equity Loans also gives you a competitively low-interest rate that doesn’t change and the possibility of tax-deductible interest.
  • Home Improvement Loans are the perfect tool whenever you plan on hiring a contractor or doing the work for your house yourself. In order to use the Home Improvement Loans, you simply click Live Chat on the 1st Source Bank website or call 574-235-4440 or visit your nearest Banking Center.

Insurance of Property/Casualty

If you need insurance, then 1st Source Bank is your excellent partner.

1st Source Insurance offers policies from over 20 of the best regional and national insurance carriers since 1950. For more information or need some help, you can contact their Toll-Free number: 800 510-4102.


As of August 15, you can apply for mortgage by $700 off a home purchase and their mortgage originators will talk you through the home-buying process.

1st Source Bank also offers services for you to make better choices as you forge your path to owning a house, such as the “Mortgage Loan Checklist” and the “Home Loan Toolkit” from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

There’s also a wide range of Mortgage products:

  • Conventional Loan Programs offering fixed-rate mortgages, Bi-weekly Program and Low down payments.
  • Government Loan Programs: The FHA and the VA. VA Loans guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, available to veterans, active-duty military, reservists and for eligible family members of a former service member.
  • Reduced Down Payment Loan Program for individuals with strong credit as well as for those who cannot make the standard down payment.

There are so many options for Personal clients coming from different backgrounds with different needs for financial security.

Mobile Banking Capabilities of 1st Source Bank

1st Source Bank provides Consumer Mobile Apps available on both Android and Apple devices. Voice Banking services are also available to clients who prefer to call.

Convenience does not stop there since you can access all of these capabilities using your phone or any mobile device. Below are the four options to choose from:

1st Source Bank Mobile Banking Options

Mobile App

Mobile App has the most convenient features because it allows you to access your personal banking accounts 24/7 from anywhere. You can check account balances, view recent transactions, pay bills and transfer funds between 1st Source Accounts.

You can download the Mobile App via Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Amazon Alexa

If you have Amazon Alexa, you can enable your account via the app or go to the 1st Source’s skill page on Amazon.com.

To link your Alexa account, you must first accept terms and conditions, provide online banking login credentials, confirm your identity with a one-time passcode and lastly create a 4-digit passcode.

Text Banking

Text Banking allows you to instantly request and receive information by text messages. You just need simply login to your online banking account and follow the instructions here.

Voice Banking

Simply dial 1st Source’s InfoSource 24/7 Automated Telephone Banking, 574-235-2557 or Toll-Free 800-235-2557. These options are for people who prefer voice banking over other options.

Common Banking Fees of 1st Source Bank

There is information about the Common Banking Fees that are mentioned on the 1st Source Bank website.

Bank-to-Bank Transfer Fees

You can see the list of the Bank-to-Bank Transfer from 1st Source accounts to non-1st Source accounts in the photo below:

bank to bank transfer fees

1st Source Bank Service Fee

1st Source Bank offers Personal and Business Checking Accounts and different accounts require different service fees. We will now look at them in detail.

Please note that these are the rates valid on the document issued by the bank on May 2022 and rates are subject to change once the bank updates this document.

Service Fees for Personal Account

1st Checking is a basic, non-interest-bearing checking account for clients without direct deposit, and it requires a $25 minimum deposit to open. The service fee = $7 per statement cycle. 

Easy Banking Club and Cubs 1st Club Checking are the same since both accounts are designed for clients who have direct deposits and require a $25 minimum deposit to open. The service fee = $10 per statement cycle.

Portfolio Checking is for clients seeking to maintain significant balances to achieve liquidity and higher interest, and it requires a 25$ minimum deposit to open. The service fee = $25 per statement cycle.

High Yield Checking Account is designed for clients seeking to maintain significant balances to achieve liquidity and competitive returns. However, it is only available in select and requires a $5,000 minimum deposit to open. The service fee = $15 per statement cycle. 

Health Savings Account (HSA) is a Tax-exempt account for clients covered by a high deductible health plan to pay qualified medical expenses. Individuals and Family accounts are available, and no minimum deposit is required to open. The service fee = $1.50 per statement cycle. 

More details regarding personal account fees can be found at this PDF link.

Service Fees for Business Account

Business Analysis Checking is designed for business clients with $25,000 or greater balances, more than 200 transactions per month, and a need to maximize cash flow. The service fee = $20 per month.

Business Value Checking is designed for business clients that have between 100 to 200 transactions per month and balances of less than $20,000. The service fee = $5 per month.

Business Checking is designed for business clients that have up to 500 transactions per month. The service fee = 20$ per month.

Business Checking with Interest is designed for business clients that want to earn interest on their available balance. The service fee = $20 per month. 

More detail about the Business account fees can be found at this PDF Link.

1st Source Bank Interest Rates

Here are details about 1st Source Bank Interest Rates.

EveryDay Interest Savings doesn’t offer the strongest interest rates since it has 0.01% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) interest rates.

Holiday Savings offer around 0.05% APY interest rates.

Portfolio Investment Account divides its interest rates according to how much money you have in your account balance. $0 – $24,999.99: 0.12% APY, $25,000 – $49,999.99: 0.16% APY, $50,000 – $99,999: 0.21% APY, $100,000 and above: 0.25% APY. 

e-Student Savings offer around 1.02% APY interest rates.

Individual Retirement Accounts offer 0.08% APY with the additional bonus of 0.12% APY interest rates.

Easy Banking Checking offers a similar interest rate as EveryDay Interest Savings, which amounts to approximately 0.01% APY.

How to Contact 1st Source Bank

1st Source Customer Service Center
(574) 235-2000
(800) 513-2360 (Toll-Free)

The working hours are Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 6:00pm ET and Saturday: 9:00am – 1:00pm ET.

InfoSource automated 24/7 telephone banking anytime
(574) 235-2557
(800) 235-2557

Treasury Services
1-800-399-5592 or 574-235-2003.

Other Banks Operating in Indiana

If you’re traveling or looking for a bank in Indiana that fits your needs, you can check out the banks listed below:

  1. Ally Bank
  2. Chase Bank
  3. CIT Bank

Ally Bank offers a Checking Account that you can make without fees or a minimum deposit, and it has a 0.90% APY, higher than 1st Source Bank. Still, Ally Bank has far fewer branches compared to 1st Source Bank.

Chase Bank offers the same APY value (0.01%) as the 1st Source Bank, while CIT Bank offers a much higher 0.55% APY. The only downside is that you need to maintain a minimum balance of $25,000 or deposit $100 into your account monthly.

CIT Bank also shares no branch locations with Ally Bank, so you need to access their website or download its Apple and Android mobile apps to access their service.

To sum up, 1st Source is a bank that values success, commitment, performance, and transparency to give customer centric services. These principles have been a standard for more than 150+ years to deliver outstanding client service garnering multiple awards from Forbes in 2022.

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Please contact us for any questions you may have.