Access Bank Online Banking Login Guide for New/ Old Clients

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Access Bank has been committed to improving the financial well-being of their clients; families, entrepreneurs, and business owners since 2007. The first location opened in the same year in Omaha, Nebraska with only 12 employees. Today, the bank continues to grow with $650 Million assets as of 2019. In this article, we cover how a new/old customer can navigate the Access Bank online banking login portal, where to enroll, what fees to expect, and more!

Access Bank Logo
Branch/ ATM LocatorLocations
Routing Number104014138
Mobile BankingiPhone I Android
Contact833-660-0494 (Business Hours)
877-273-5740 (24/7 for Fraud Support)

How To Login to Access Bank Online Portal

Like all other banks, Access Bank services are accessible via a click of a button on your gadgets. After that, you only need to log in to your online account.

How to log in? You can follow the guidelines below. 

Step 1: Go to the Access Bank website through this link. Here’s what the homepage looks like:

Where to find the LogIn button on Access Bank Homepage

Step 2: Click the SIGN IN button on the top right corner of the website in blue right next to the Search icon.

Step 3: Select which type of Online Banking you need. There are two types to choose from, Personal and Business banking, as shown below: 

Select type of Access Bank Account to Login

Step 4: Once you insert your Access ID, the box to insert your Password will appear as shown below.

Access Bank Online Banking Login Page

Step 5: After that, you can click on Login button to continue.

How to Reset your Password on Access Bank Online

Imagine you have completely forgotten your password and can’t get into your account anymore. Therefore, you have no other choice other than to reset your password. You can do it by following the steps below.

Step 1: Once you clicked on the LogIn button, you can click the Forgot Password? button.

Step 2: After that, you will be directed to this link page below:

Access Bank Online - Recovering Forgotten Password

Step 3: Insert your Username, the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, and your Email address.

Step 4: Click the Reset password blue button.

Step 5: You will receive an email containing a link to reset your password. Please follow the given instructions in the email carefully because your password is essential 🙂

If you have any problems while trying to reset it, contact a bank representative at 402.763.6000.

How to Recover Your Username on Access Bank Online

Please contact a bank representative at 402.763.6000 during working hours OR fill in their Contact Us Form with your request to recover the username.

If you are using their mobile app, launch the app and follow the instructions given to retrieve username.

How to Enroll/Sign up/Open an Account

If you have yet to open an account at Access Bank, you can follow these simple instructions to help you sign up or open up an account. 

Step 1: You need to click on the SignIn button again in order to find Enroll now right next to Forgot Password?.

Step 2: After that, you will be redirected to a link page that contains a form to fill up essential data, as seen in the image below:

Access Bank Enrollment Online

Step 3: Please fill up the Type of Account you want depending on whether you want a Savings, Checking, Loan or Certificate of Deposit account. Then input Account number, Social Security number, PIN, Date of Birth, Security question, Security answer, and your Email address.

Step 4: Click the Begin enrollment blue button to proceed with your enrollment. Please note that your username should be unique and case-sensitive with at least characters.

Access Bank Online’ s Accounts and Services 

Access Bank has two categories of services; For You and For Business. In this article, we will list and describe each of these services one by one:

For You Account

This sections covers Access Bank’s Personal Services.

Checking, Savings, CDs

Checking is perfect to manage money in your way. There are three types of Checking accounts to choose from:

  • Basic access is the most basic account that is hassle-free and convenient.
  • Total Access introduces a High-Yield checking account for customers who want their money to work for them.
  • Classic Access is the go-to checking account for customers 60 years+. For more information about each account you can browse the Consumer Brochure at this link.

Savings and CDs: When you open an Access Bank CD, Savings or Money Market Account you set yourself apart from the crowd and set your family up for a better future.

You can open an Account by selecting Access Money Market to get the ideal blend of growth and accessibility, or Access Savings to help you save for the next rainy day.

Health Savings Account: The HSA of Access Bank lets you set aside money for all types of medical needs, so when the time comes, you can focus on paying current medical expenses or save for future needs, Tax-deductible contributions, and Tax-deferred earnings.

HSA also comes with numerous perks such as no minimum opening deposit or minimum balance requirement, no set-up fee or monthly service charge, and a free debit card.

For You Loans

Personal Loans: Personal Loans comprise of CD Secured Loans, Personal Lines of Credit, and Auto Loans.

  • CD Secured Loans allow you to choose between an amortizing loan or a line of credit, which allows you to access funds with Low and competitive interest rates. Monthly payments can be automatically deducted from your checking account.
  • Personal Lines of Credit is ideal for consolidating higher-interest debt or managing monthly cash flow.
  • Auto Loans will get you into the driver’s seat faster than you can imagine by offering finance for new and used vehicles. There is flexible repayment terms up to 72 months. Borrowings up to 100% of vehicle cost (excluding tax, licensing fees, and warranties) for new vehicles.

Real Estate Loans: Real Estate Loans have Home Equity, Bridge, Lot, and Residential Construction Loans.

  • You can get Home Equity which allows you to access funds all at once or over and over again for a period of several years with no annual fee or closing costs. This is ideal for consolidating higher-interest debt.
  • Bridge Loans is a convenient way to use the equity of your current home to buy or build your new one by offering a 1% Loan Origination Fee.
  • Lot Loans will help you finance the piece of land that you love by offering up to 5 years of repayment and 70% loan-to-value.
  • Residential Construction Loans will help you navigate the construction loan process with up to 12 months of term available, interest-only repayment, and monthly inspections at no cost.

Executive Banking

  • Physical Loan Program is beneficial to curing your disease and saving lives. There are two types of services within this Program:
  • Practice Buy-In Loans will let you receive their highest level of concierge services and customized products. Plus exclusive benefits, strategic planning and business development experience to ensure your financial goals are met.
  • House Call: Physician Mortgage Loan Program comes with reduced costs and allows medical professionals to qualify for loans even before they’ve started their new jobs.

Further, Physician Mortgage Loan Program comes with loan amounts up to $350,000 for residents and $1,250,000 for physicians.


You can apply for Access Bank Mortgage at this link. Home buyers will be happy to know that Access Bank offers three types of mortgage loans, such as Conventional Loans, Jumbo & Physician Loans, and Government Loans.

  • Conventional Loans are a mortgage that is not guaranteed by any government agency.
  • Jumbo & Physician Loans are unique financing options for Jumbo loans, Executive Clients Physicians, and Residents.
  • Government Loans are either FHA, VA, or USDA mortgage loans guaranteed by a U.S. agency. These loans were designed to offer long-term financing to eligible lenders.

Depending on your mortgage need, you can pick the plan that suits you best.

For Business Account

Here we briefly look at their Business Services.

  • Business Checking: Offers five products namely Business Access, Business Plus, Business Premier, Commercial, and Community Access.
  • Business Savings: The Business Money Market allows you to invest your funds while providing easy access to your money. Interest is accrued daily. The higher your balance, the higher the interest rate you receive.
  • Treasury Management: Treasury Management provides high-tech services that can reduce the expense and staff time required to send and receive payments. There are four types of treasury management, namely Wire Transfer Services, ACH Services, Remote Deposit Capture, and Positive Pay.
  • For Business Loans: Access Bank can lend clients Business Loans that offer a variety of affordable commercial loans to pump up your success. They are Term Loans, Lines of Credit, SBA Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Business Visa Credit Card, and Letter of Credit.
  • Business Lines of Credit: Useful for any business savvy out there to buy inventory, fix equipment, finance a marketing campaign, and ramp up for a new client contract.

Depending on the size, locality, and industry your business operates in, you can pick your financial strategy with Access Bank Business Services.

Mobile Banking Capabilities of Access Bank

Here we assess Access Bank’s mobile banking capabilities.

Personal Online Banking

It’s not that hard to log into Access Bank’s secure website to transfer funds, check your account, or make loan payments because you can access the tutorial right here. There are four types of Online Banking features available:

  1. Two-Factor Authentication will ensure you add another layer of protection to your online and mobile account.
  2. Online Bill Pay is available to pay your bills electronically.
  3. Transfer Now is a feature that allows you to move your money from another bank, with just a click.
  4. Budget service allows you to easily view everything from your online banking account, including accounts at other institutions, your mortgage and personal loans, retirement accounts, etc.

Mobile Banking

You can simply utilize your phone or tablet, sign in to the free Mobile App, check balances, pay bills and take care of all your important financial business through the Mobile Banking service. You can check the tutorial about Mobile Banking in this video.

There are three types of Mobile Banking services available:

  1. Mobile Deposit: In order to use the Mobile Deposit app, you must be signed up for Mobile Banking.
  2. Zelle is terrific to pay the landscaper or repay a friend who picked up the lunch tab. It allows you to send secure payments directly from your account to someone else’s.
  3. E-Statements is a proper service when you are about to get your monthly statements through Online Banking instead of through traditional mail.

For links to Access Bank’s mobile apps, check the top of our article.

Minimum Deposit Required to Open an Access Bank Account

For You Checking

  • Basic Access = $100 minimum opening deposit.
  • Classic Access = $100 minimum opening deposit.
  • Total Access = $100 minimum opening deposit. Comes with a $12 service fee if below the requirement of a $1,000 minimum balance.

For You Savings and CDs

  • Access Savings = $100 minimum opening deposit.
  • Access Money Market = $1,000 minimum opening deposit.

Real Estate Loans

  • Bridge Loans have a 1% Loan Origination Fee.

Business Checking

  • Business Access = $500 minimum opening deposit, $20 monthly service fee if below-average balance of $1,000 average, and Transactions over 150 is $.30 per item.
  • Business Plus = $500 minimum opening deposit, $20 monthly service fee if below-average balance of $5,000 average, and Transactions over 300 are $.30 per item.
  • Business Premier = $500 minimum opening deposit, $50 monthly service fee if below-average balance of $50,000 average and transactions over 500 is $.30 per item.
  • Commercial Access = $500 minimum opening deposit and there are also Monthly Fees of $25 per account deposited items such as $0.25 per check written.
  • Community Access = $500 minimum opening deposit and transactions over 300 are $.30 per item.

Business Savings

  • Business Money Market = $1,000 minimum opening deposit and a $10 monthly service charge per statement cycle if below the minimum balance of $1,000.

We hope clarity about these chargers were helpful in assessing where to put your money.

Access Bank’s Interest Rates

Personal Checking has Interest Rates between 0.050% – 1.094%. You can check the list of interest rates from Personal Checking in the picture below:

Personal Checking - Interest Rates, APY, Interest Paid

Personal Money Market has Interest Rates between 0.150% – 0.250%. You can check the list of interest rates from the Personal Money Market in the picture below:

Personal Money Market - Interest Rates, APY, Interest Paid

A Certificate of Deposit has Interest Rates ranging from 0.300% – 1.982%. You can check the list of interest rates from the Certificate of Deposit in the picture below:

Personal CDs Rates

See which Personal services best suit your financial portfolio.

How To Contact Access Bank

After Hours Contact Center at 833-660-0494.

Fraud Support Line 24/7 at 877-273-5740.

If you want to contact Access Bank about general questions directly, you need to fill in these contact us form as seen in the photo below:

Contact Us Form

Banks of Similar Capacity

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To sum up, it can be said that Access Bank has been steadily growing in the past two decades. However, compared to some of the banks given above, Access Bank is more new.

In 2011, Access Bank expanded its commercial presence to the Oakview area at 140th & Center, and by 2013 Access Bank reached $250 million in assets. They’ve added more and more services to their portfolio over the years such as the ACCESS Payment Processing that offers additional and convenient merchant processing services to business owners.

The bank continues to grow!

Please contact us for any questions you may have about logging in, recovering username, resetting password, and their products for their business and personal clients.