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Alliant Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned by its members. Alliant was founded in 1935 with the goal of helping people save money and build a better future. Today, Alliant serves over 400,000 members nationwide and is one of the largest credit unions in the country. This article covers how to access the Alliant Credit Union login portal and utilize the services available for customers there.

Alliant offers a full range of financial services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and more.  They offer rates superior to banks, allowing their members to save and earn more. As a digital credit union, Alliant also provides its members superior online banking, an award-winning mobile banking app, retirement and investment services, continuing personal financial education, and member-recognized 24/7 customer care, including on holidays!

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Branch/ATM LocatorLocations
Routing Number011201759
Lake Sunapee Mobile BankingApple | Android

How to Login to Alliant Credit Union Login Portal

Alliant Credit Union offers its members the option to access their accounts online at any time and from any location in order to make life easier and more comfortable for everyone. Here are some steps on how to access your account online:

Step 1: Go through Alliant Credit Union Website through your Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari web browser.

Alliant Credit Union Login - Secure Login Box

Step 2: The Online Banking section will appear on the left after the homepage is loaded. All you need to do is click the blue Secure Log In button.

Step 3: After clicking the blue button, you will be taken immediately to the Login section where you must enter your correct Username and Password in the blank spaces.

Alliant Secure Login Box

Step 4: Before clicking the Sign In button, double-check that you entered your username and password correctly to prevent login failure.

How to Reset Your Password on Alliant Credit Union Login Portal

Can’t access your account because you can’t remember your password? Don’t worry, you can get your password back by doing the steps below.

Step 1: On the homepage locate Forgot username/password? Under the blue Secure Log In box.   

Allaint Forget Usernam/ Password

Step 2: When you click it, it will move to the page given below.

Alliant Reset Password

Step 3: You can click Reset Password on the right side to process your new password.

Reset Password Steps

Step 4: There are four steps to this process that you must take to finish it successfully: entering your personal information, undergoing a security verification, resetting your password, and finally, creating a new password.  

After you go through these four steps, you will get a new password that you are ready to use to log into your account. Keep in mind, once you have succeeded make sure you keep your password in a place you would remember securely.  

How to Recover Your Username on Alliant Credit Union Login

The steps you need to take to recover your username aren’t too different from what you need to do to reset a forgotten password.

Step 1: Click Forgot username/password under the blue button Secure Log In on the Home page.

Alliant Credit Union - Click Forgot Password/ Username

Step 2: Click Recover Username on the left side.

Alliant Recover Username

Step 3: Fill in your information in the blanks. This section has three steps: entering your personal information, verifying it, and then getting your username so you can log in to your Alliant account.

Recover Username Steps

Once you pass the security verification stage, you can safely recover your username. Make sure you enter the right information so you don’t get stuck.

How to Open an Alliant Credit Union Bank Account

If you don’t have an Alliant Credit Union Bank Account, don’t worry. You can sign up quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home just by following this step:

Step 1: Go through Alliant Credit Union official website

Alliant Enrollment

Step 2: Click “Set up in 1 Minute” 

Alliant Enrollment Steps

Step 3: You will see spaces that need to be filled with your correct information, and it will take you four steps to get your account.

Fill in slowly and carefully to ensure you enter the right information, which will help the process go smoothly.

Mobile Banking Access

With the Alliant Mobile Banking App, you may make banking transactions anytime and anywhere. Alliant Mobile Bank gives you a convenient way to perform all banking transactions from your fingertips in the fully digital era, so you don’t have to worry if you want to do transactions outside bank business hours. For your convenience, the Alliant Mobile App is also accessible on Android and iOS.

The app lets users deposit checks, check their account balances, and pay bills using bill pay. You can use the app’s secure messenger to ask questions about your account.

The Alliant Mobile Banking app also has a tool for planning that helps users make budgets, keep track of them, and set financial goals.

Alliant Credit Union Bank Type of Accounts/Service

As one of the largest credit unions in the city, One of the city’s largest credit unions, Alliant Credit Union offers a wide variety of account options to its members. This section will discuss checking and savings accounts that kids and adults can use and benefit from the same features.

High-Rate Checking

This checking account gives you 0.25% APY and doesn’t charge a monthly fee or require a minimum balance. To get dividends on your balance, you must make at least one electronic deposit per month. This deposit can be a direct or payroll deposit, an ATM or mobile deposit, or a transfer from another bank. It comes with a Visa debit card and can be linked to Alliant savings account for free overdraft protection. On the last day of the month, dividends on checking accounts are paid out

Teen Checking

Members between the ages of 13 and 17 can have this account, and a member’s parent can own it with them. This account doesn’t have a minimum balance or a monthly fee, and it earns 0.25% APY. The most you can take out of an ATM with your Visa debit card in a day is $100, and the most you can spend is $300.

High-Interest Savings

Alliant’s high-yield account offers 1.40% APY. Alliant pays you $5 to create the account, but you must maintain $100 daily to collect profits. The account charges $1 per month for hardcopy statements.

Supplemental Savings

Alliant High-Rate Savings account holders can open up to 19 additional accounts. Each account gets the same APY as your main high-yield savings account. Each savings account requires $5 to maintain it, and each supplemental account needs $100 to receive dividends.

Kiddie Savings

12 and under can start high-yield savings account with an Alliant parent, grandparent, or guardian. Alliant pays the $5 starting deposit and there are no monthly fees if you opt for electronic statements ($1 per month). A High-Rate Savings account takes $100 to obtain a similar APY.

If you want to open an account at Alliant Credit Union, you can think about the different kinds of accounts listed above to decide which one you want to open. The benefits and rates for each account above have been set up based on your needs so that you can enjoy them.

Common Banking Fees of Alliant Credit Union

Foreign Transaction Fee1%
Replace Lost CardFREE
Stop Payment FREE
Return Deposit Item$15
Paper Account Statement$1
Non-Sufficient Fund ItemFREE
Inactivity Fee$10
Dormant Account$10
Deposit of Check Drawn on a non-U.S Bank$35

How To Contact Alliant Credit Union Bank

Suppose you’re still not sure what to do or have other queries concerning opening an account, benefits, or services. In that case, you can call the call center or go to the Alliant Credit Union Bank office to get more information.

Member care center: 800-328-1935

Corporate offices:

(Not open to the public. No branches or ATMs.)

11545 W. Touhy Ave., Chicago, IL 60666

Routing #271081528

If you have any further questions about Alliant Credit Union Bank, please feel free to visit one of their offices or get in touch with the above-mentioned contact.

Other Banks Operating in Chicago

If you live in Chicago and you want to find alternative banks with similar services and benefits to Midfirst bank then check out the banks listed below:

  1. American Eagle Bank 
  2. Liberty Bank 
  3. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Let’s look at each of them one by one. 

American Eagle Bank

The services provided by American Eagle Bank are extensive. The bank offers various banking services, including savings accounts, personal and business loans, debit and credit cards, letters of credit, certificates of deposit, mortgages, equipment financing, cash management, and internet banking. American Eagle Bank is one of the top options in Chicago, with no minimum deposit required to start an account and reasonable interest rates. This bank has provided its customers with a wide range of services, making it competitive with Alliant; nonetheless, Alliant offers a more attractive interest rate.

Liberty Bank

Liberty only has services for saving and checking with two branches. Meanwhile, Alliant offers many services, from checking, saving, credit cards, and loans, with many branches spread across the city.

Alliant Credit Union is an excellent bank for people who want low-interest rates on loans, high-interest rates on savings, and excellent service. Liberty Bank might be a better choice if you want a bank that offers more benefits. Alliant Credit Union is a perfect bank for people who wish to have low-interest rates on loans, high-interest rates on savings, and excellent service. Liberty Bank might be a better choice if you want a bank that offers more benefits.

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago only works with government agencies to do banking. Alliant and the Federal Reserve Bank are not-for-profit organizations, but Alliant has been around since 1949. It has more than 325,000 members and $9 billion in assets. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago was founded in 1914. It helps more than 60 government agencies with their banking needs.

Regarding customer service, Alliant does well in satisfaction surveys. In contrast, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago does not have a ranking yet. But, if you are looking for a bank that only works with government agencies, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is a better choice.

In general, since Alliant is a not-for-profit union they are able to offer its members lower loan rates and higher savings rates than most for-profit banks. In addition, Alliant does not have shareholders, so its profits are reinvested back into the credit union to benefit its members. Alliant also has a commitment to excellent customer service, which is why it consistently ranks high in customer satisfaction surveys.

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We hope this article was useful and gives you the details on how to navigate the Alliant Credit Union login portal. Contact us for any further questions about the Union.