Bank of America EDD Login Procedure for New and Old Customers

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Bank of America is one of the world’s leading financial institutions, serving personal customers, small and middle market businesses, large corporations, and governments with a full range of banking, investment management, and other financial and risk management services. Bank of America’s history extends back 240 years and since its inception the Bank is fully dedicated to bringing progress to clients and communities. This article covers everything you need to know about navigating the Bank of America EDD login portal as well as how to utilize your card properly.

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How to Login to Bank of America EDD Login Portal

Step 1: Open the EDD Bank of America website through this link.

Step 2: Click the Sign In button on the top left corner between Home and Activate My Card.

Bank of America EDD login

Step 3: Insert your Username and then click the Continue button in order to proceed.

How to Reset Your Password

If you feel like you rarely use your EDD Bank of America account, the chances are, that you will likely forget your account’s password. Therefore, you can follow these guidelines to reset/recover your password.

Step 1: After you insert your Username, you will be directed to this page containing the Password box as shown below:

How to reset your EDD password

Step 2: Click the “Forgot Password?” button.

Step 3: After that, a one-time passcode will be sent to the email address in your profile. Once the passcode has been given, insert your passcode carefully.

The one-time passcode for resetting password on Bank of America EDD

Step 4: Click the Continue button to proceed. However, you can click the Request New Code button if your passcode has expired after 5 minutes. Successfully login to your account and change your password to something you will remember.

How to Recover Your Username

Some customers have forgotten their passwords, and others have completely forgotten their usernames. Don’t worry, we will provide these simple guidelines about how to recover it.

Step 1: Click the “Forget Username?” button on the login page.

Step 2: Insert your Email Address and the Last 4-Digits of your Card Number, as shown below:

How to recover your username on Bank of America EDD login

Step 3: Click Submit in order to proceed with your Username Recovery procedure. Please follow the next instructions carefully.

How to Enroll/Sign up/Open an Account

In this section, we will talk about how to enroll or how to get a new username for potential new customers in the online EDD system.

Step 1: Once again, Click the “Need Username?” button on the top right corner of the home web page.

Step 2: Insert your card number as shown below:

How to request new username on EDD login

Step 3: Click the Continue button to proceed with your Username creation.

How Do You Make Use of the EDD Debit Card

Once you have received the card, here are options on how to activate it and choose your Personal Identification Number (PIN):

  • Call the EDD Debit Card Customer Service toll-free at 1.866.692.9374.
  • Visit online customer service at
  • The online portal has a tab, Activate My Card, which allows you to do so by inputting your card number.

Furthermore, you can make use of your EDD debit card everywhere VISA debit cards are accepted, for example in stores, online shops, by phone, etc.

You can use your card to pay bills. There is no need to wait a long time for checks in the mail, and you can also get access to cash at ATMs as well as Visa banks and credit unions.

Banking Fees Related to Your EDD Card

In this section, we will provide fees specifically for the California Employment Development Department Debit Card:

  • ATM withdrawal, out-of-network is $1.00. Out-of-network means all the ATMs outside of Bank of America ATMs.
  • Emergency cash transfer, domestic is $15.00 and it must be initiated through the Prepaid Debit Card Customer Service Center.
  • International ATM withdrawal is $1.00.
  • Replacement card, express delivery is $10.00 plus an Additional charge per request.
  • Replacement card, international is $10.00 plus an Additional charge per request.

The rest of the card programs are free of charge and if you want information about it, feel free to access this link.

Benefits of EDD Debit Card

Here are a couple of benefits you need to know if you are using your EDD card regularly:

  1. No extra charge when you pay bills, make purchases anywhere Visa debit card accepted.
  2. Access Bank of America ATMs anywhere in the country.
  3. Get cash bank when you buy things from the grocery store or from a credit union that accepts EDD Visa card.
  4. Transfer money from your personal deposit account anytime.
  5. Instant alert via mail and text message when the balance is low or making any purchase. If you did not know about some of these benefits, it is time you put your card to the best use.

If you were unaware of any of these useful benefits of an EDD card, we hope this section was useful to you.

BOFA EDD Debit Card Safety Tips

Here are some important tips on keeping your card, banking information, and investments safe:

  1. Always keep your debit card in a safe place.
  2. In case your card lost or stolen, contact on this no. 1.866.692.9374 to immediately block the card.
  3. Don’t give any details about the card on the phone, Bank executive will never ask such details.
  4. Don’t write your PIN behind the card or cover.
  5. While using the ATM always keep in mind to enter pin secretly by covering keypad by another hand.
  6. Don’t leave your transaction slip at the ATM. Either refuse it or hold on to it safely place.
  7. If you found any suspicious activity while using any ATM, quickly contacts the bank.

Always make sure your financial information is kept secure.

How to Contact BOA About Your EDD Card

If you want to make contact with Bank of America EDD Debit Card Cardholder Services, feel free to access these phone numbers:

  • 1.866.692.9374
  • 1.866.656.5913 TTY line for the hearing impaired
  • 423.262.1650 Outside the United States
  • Claims: 1.855.355.5058
  • Fraud: 1.800.558.9226

Written Correspondence: Bank of America EDD Debit Card Cardholder Services P.O. Box 8488 Gray, TN 37615-8488.

Email: Please include your name, full address, and last 10 digits of your card number.

If you are thinking of dropping by for a physical visit, check out their branch and ATM locator: Bank Of America Branch Locator, Bank Of America ATM Locator

Here is their routing numbers depending on your zip code: Bank of America Routing No.

If you want to contact the bank via the app check BOFA’s app for different devices:

Bank of America Apps for Mobile Banking: iOS I Android I Windows

We hope these multiple ways of contacting the bank will ensure your query is immediately addressed.

Commonly Asked FAQs About Your Bank of America EDD Login

In this section, we will list several commonly asked FAQs about how should you login into EDD Bank of America properly. Here are some of them:

What will I receive with my EDD Debit card?

You will receive the following items that are in your EDD Debit Card welcome packet:

  • EDD Debit Card
  • Instructions and information
  • Bank of America Privacy Policy
  • California Employment Development Department Debit Card Deposit Agreement
  • Wallet-size Quick Reference Guide with customer service and fee schedule information

Make sure you read through all of the important documents so you are aware of your privileges and limitations with your new card.

Can I use my EDD Debit Card immediately?

Once the card is received you have to call EDD Debit Card Customer Service toll-free at 1.866.692.9374 or visit online customer service at or Active My Card to activate the card and select your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Once activated, you may use your card.

How can I check the current balance in my EDD Debit Card account?

You can check your debit card balance 24 hours a day at no cost by using automated account information via the toll-free customer service number: 1.866.692.9374. You may also check your balance by doing a balance inquiry at an ATM, or online at

It is recommended you perform a balance inquiry before performing a transaction so you will know how much money is available in your EDD Debit Card account.

What is a transaction fee or service fee?

Fees for debit card transactions are charged to your account on the day they occur. Please refer to your complete Schedule of Bank Fees to ensure you comprehend any transaction and service fees that may apply to your card.

How do I keep track of my account transaction activity?

Your account transaction activity is available 24 hours a day at You may also call toll-free Bank of America EDD Debit Card Customer Service at 1.866.692.9374 for automated information on your recent deposits and transactions.

How do I change my address on this account?

You must contact EDD or you may visit and click “Contact EDD” or call:

  • Disability Insurance 1.800.480.3287
  • Paid Family Leave 1.877.238.4373
  • Unemployment Insurance 1.800.300.5616

Don’t delay talking to the bank if you move houses for a job or to a foreign country. Make sure you are getting anything the bank sends you through mail.

How do I sign up for mobile text and e-mail alerts?

Using mobile text or e-mail alerts can help you stay informed about activity on your CA EDD Prepaid Debit Card. Log in to your account online and activate the alerts you’d like to receive. Select Alert Settings under Profile to add your mobile phone number or e-mail address.

You may also select Alert Options to choose the mobile text and e-mail alerts you want to receive:

  • Choose to get notified as soon as you’ve received a new deposit, then select ‘value load alert’.
  • Configure when you want to receive a low-balance alert based on a specified dollar amount, then select ‘low balance alert’.

Bank of America doesn’t charge for mobile text alerts, however, your mobile service provider may charge for receiving text messages on your mobile phone.

We hope this article on how to login to Bank of America EDD, how to reset password, how to recover username, how to enroll online, and the useful services you can enjoy through this card was helpful for you.