Bank of New York Mellon Login Portal – All You Need to Know

Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) is a banking entity in the United States that was founded by Thomas Mellon and is located in New York. Unlike most banks, BNY Mellon does not accept depository services but focuses on securities or equity investment management consulting, broker-dealer connection, issuance, and treasury. This financial institute has collaborated with many organizations and even banks all over the world. Read on to learn how to navigate the Bank of New York Mellon login portal and also about its many services.

How to Login to the Bank of New York Mellon Login Portal

In order to access all of Bank Of New York Mellon services, the customers or clients must first log in to their online accounts.

Follow every step below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Bank Of New York Mellon through this link.

Step 2: Find the part, Client Access that is located on the right side, then click it. Choose NEXEN PORTAL, then click it.

Step 3: After that, the website will display the following page 


Step 4: Insert your User ID and Password, and then click on the Login button.

How to Reset Your Password on BNY Online Portal

If the customer forgot the password of their account and is unable to log in to their account they can follow these steps to reset the password below to handle that problem.

Step 1: The first thing customers have to do is go to the webpage of the Nexen Portal. Right below the LOGIN button, there is Forgot Password. Click that button.

Step 2: After you clicked that button, the website will take you to a page like this.

Bank of New York Mellon Login Portal Details

Step 3: Then customers have to insert their User ID and Email. After that, click Submit button.

Step 4: Then customers can start to reset their password after the bank has verified the information and contact them through email or phone.

How to Recover Your Username on BNY Online

When Customer forgets or makes a mistake about their User ID, the things they have to do are not different, like forgetting the password. It can be solved by following these steps.

Step 1: Go to the webpage of the Nexen Portal, then find Forgot User ID button as shown below

Username Recovery Password Details

Step 2: Click Forgot User ID button, and the customer will be directed to the page below

Step 3: Fill in the requested information in the Forgot User ID form shown, then click Submit. 

Step 4: After the bank validates the information the customer provided; it will send them an email with instructions. They have to follow the instructions carefully to recover their username.

How to Enroll on the Bank of New York Mellon Login Portal

Customers can open an account with the Bank of New York Mellon by following these steps.

Step 1: Customers can search on the internet for BNY Mellon Pershing Registration. The website will display picture like below

Step 2: The website will show buttons about form registration which customers have to fill out and submit.

Step 3: Customers can continue with the enrolling process after the bank verifies their identity.

Bank of New York Mellon Type of Accounts/ Services 

For personal accounts or needs, the Bank of New York Mellon offers a range of services. All the explanations can be seen on the website displayed by the picture below in the solutions button. 


Mobile Banking Capabilities of Bank of New York Mellon

BNY Mellon Wealth Management offers the flexibility to access customer accounts in the way that is most convenient to them. With Private Banking Apps for Android Devices, Customers can access their personal banking account information anytime, anywhere.

At BNY Mellon Wealth Management, Customer safety is always a top priority. To help safeguard customers’ financial and personal information, their accounts are protected by 128-bit encryption, just as they are when you bank online. This means that the Customer’s full account number is never revealed on their mobile device and we do not store your personal account information on mobile devices, so their accounts remain protected even if their phone is lost or stolen.

Private Banking Mobile App Features

• Account monitoring

– View available balances

– Search transaction history

• Funds transfer and payments

– Transfer funds between accounts

– Pay bills and manage payees

– Make person-to-person payments through People Pay

• Mobile Deposits

– Use your camera-equipped Android device to deposit checks

• Debit Card Controls and Alerts

• Digital Receipts

• Locations

• Use PIN/Passcode for a quick view of balances and completed transactions


For customers not already enrolled in BNY Mellon’s Wealth Online, simply visit to self-enroll. Click on the Enrol Now tab on the Login page, and follow the few easy steps to customize their online access.

For support call: 1-800-830-0549

How To Contact Bank of New York Mellon 


Support is available Sunday 8:00 p.m. through Friday 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. (Canada Only)


Americas +1 (855) 284-9065 (Toll Free) +1 (615) 457-5589

Asia Pacific +813 6756 4411+65 6432 0314

Canada +1 (888) 439-2457 (Toll Free) +1 (416) 643-5360

Europe, Middle East, Africa +44 (0) 207 9646161

Germany +49 (0)69 12014-2014

Netherlands +31 (0)76 7602333

Internal Employees

Use self-service for password resets and unlocking accounts. For all other issues, phone support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

US +1 (855) 435-4357 (Toll-Free)

Asia Pacific +65 6424 0399

Canada +1 (416) 643-5555

Europe +44 (0) 207 1634357

3 Other Banks that Operate in New York City 

If you’re still shopping around for a bank in New York City that fits your needs, then check out the banks listed below:

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●       JPMorgan Chase

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Chase Bank is a full-service bank founded to supply drinking water to the city’s population. JPMorgan Chase combines their business and policy expertise, sustainable business practices, data, capital, and global presence to advance solutions that create inclusive economic growth. MetLife has just announced a strategy aimed at driving inclusive economic mobility. Learn how funds and volunteerism will address economic, social, and environmental issues impacting underserved and underrepresented communities around the world.

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Established for more than a decade, BNY Mellon has become one of the largest financial institutions in the country. We hope this article was useful to you.