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Bank of the San Juans began in 1998 as a start-up with Durango community investors. In 2008, the bank joined the Glacier family of banks and operates as a division of Glacier Bank, part of Glacier Bancorp, Inc. (GBCI), a regional bank holding company headquartered in Kalispell, Montana. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know as a new/ old customer about the Bank of the San Juans online banking login portal.

Bank of San Juans Logo
Branch/ ATM LocatorLocations
Routing Number102106569
Mobile BankingiPhone I Android

How To Login to Bank of the San Juans Login Portal

Step 1: Access the Bank of the San Juans website through this link.

Step 2: Click the Login menu with the Padlock logo on the top right corner of the page.

Step 3: Insert your Username in the given box, as shown in the picture below.

Bank of the San Juans Online Banking Login

Step 4: Afterwards, click the Login button to proceed.

How To Reset Your Password on Bank of the San Juans Login Portal

In the FAQ section, you can find a question titled WHAT HAPPENS IF I FORGET MY ONLINE BANKING PASSWORD/PIN?

From there, you will find out that if you forget your password, on the home login screen you then can click “Forgot Password” and you will receive an email to reset your password.

Another alternative is you can call their Customer Service Department and ask them to reset your PIN at 866-618-BOSJ (2675).

How to Recover Your Username on Bank of the San Juans Online

You can locate their local branch and drop by to talk to a bank representative or call their Customer Service Department and ask them to help you recover your username at 866-618-BOSJ (2675).

How to Enroll/Sign up/Open an Account

Step 1: Click the Login button once again.

Step 2: Underneath the Username box, you will find the Enroll button – click it.

Step 3: You will be directed to this link, to read and agree to their Internet Service Agreement. Then click the “I Agree” button.

How to Sign up for Bank of the San Juans

Step 4: After that, you will be directed to another link containing your Social Security Number (no dashes), Account Number, and Email.

Details to fill in to register for online bank of the san juans login portal

Step 5: Insert your Social Security Number, Account Number, and Email, and then click Continue to proceed with your enrollment.

Bank of the San Juans Type of Accounts/Services

In this section, we look at the accounts and services offered by Bank of the San Juans for Personal and Business clients.

Personal Banking

We look in detail at the personal banking services offered by Bank of the San Juans.

Personal Checking

Bank of San Juans has four checking accounts for clients who need help managing their needs. Here are some of them:

  1. Totally Free Checking comes with the benefits of No minimum balance, No monthly service charge, and Unlimited check writing.
  2. Easy Interest Checking has a Variable interest rate account instead of a Non-Interest bearing account, which Totally Free Checking has.
  3. 50+ Interest Checking comes with a free box of personalized corporate image checks per calendar year
  4. Premier Interest Checking is the highest interest checking account of the Bank of the San Juans.

Checking allows you to do your daily transactions without hassle. You can evaluate whether Bank of the San Juans suits your needs.

Personal Savings

The Bank of the San Juans offers several account options to help customers in fulfilling their savings goals like a dream vacation, retirement, college tuition, or everyday expenses and future goals. Here are some of them:

  1. Personal Savings Account offers no monthly service charge with a $100 minimum balance.
  2. Money Market Account provides no monthly service charge with a $2,500 minimum balance.
  3. Certificates of Deposit 
  4. Health Savings Account is available with a qualifying High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).

Once you have clarity about what you are saving for, it’s much easier to select an account suitable for you.

Personal Retirement

The Bank of the San Juans ensures secure and uncomplicated retirement needs. Therefore, the bank provides an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

IRA is a savings account that comes with tax advantages to help customers save for retirement. There are two types of IRA: Traditional and Roth IRAs.

Personal Debit Cards

VISA Debit Card is available with a personal checking account for free. It also offers advantages over a credit card:

  • Simpler and easier to get than a credit card
  • Debit cards are more readily accepted than checks
  • Travel safely without packing cash or checks

Moreover, debit cards monitor a description of every purchase or ATM cash withdrawal with your online banking account, or on your monthly checking account statement.

Personal Credit Cards

Credit Card provides customers a quick and easy way to meet their financial needs today and tomorrow:

  • Make a payments
  • Transfer balances
  • View statements 
  • Activate your credit card

For Credit Cards options, the Bank of the San Juans has built a partnership with card fnbo that allows you to choose which card suits you well. Here are two of them:

  1. Maximum Rewards® Visa Signature® Card:- No Annual Fee, Unlimited 1.5% Cash Back2 on every purchase, 0% introductory APR1 on purchases, and balance transfers for the first 12 billing cycles after the account is opened plus a $30 Bonus (3,000 points equivalent) when you spend $600 within the first 3 billing cycles, and Redeem rewards for cash back, gift cards, travel or merchandise.
  2. Secured Visa® Card:- Low $35 Annual Fee1, Enjoy the rewards of established or improved credit and qualify for a credit limit increase without an additional deposit in as little as 7 months as well as a variable 25.74% APR1 on purchases and balance transfers based on the Prime Rate.

For more information on rates, fees, costs, conditions, and limitations, you can check the Summary Credit Terms of each card via this webpage (Maximum Rewards® Visa Signature® Card) and this webpage (Secured Visa® Card)

However, it is imperative to decide whether you are equipped to handle a credit card or whether you need to ask the bank to set limits for your card.

Business Banking

Here we briefly look at the business services offered for clients by the Bank of the San Juans Online portal.

  • A totally free Business Checking is a great place to start running your successful business as well as keep the profits up and costs down. There are two types of Business Checking you can choose from: Totally Free Business Checking and Business Analysis Checking.
  • Business Savings are available to help you save money for your business as well as earn some of the best interest rates. There are three options available: Business Savings Accounts, Business Money Market, and Health Savings Accounts.
  • Bank of the San Juans utilizes Cash Management Services to optimize your cash flow as well as accommodate multiple users with varying levels of permission. There are five types: IPAY BILL FOR BUSINESS, REMOTE ELECTRONIC SERVICES, ACH ORIGINATION SERVICES, ONLINE DOMESTIC WIRE TRANSFERS, and POSITIVE PAY.
  • The Debit Card can make purchases with ease and pay bills automatically and with no annual fees, customers can issue cards to their employees and purchase limits for each card. 
  • The VISA® BUSINESS CARD is also reliable by allowing its customers to gain access o a 24/7/365 online self-service platform with all the right features.
  • If you’re running low on checks, you can use the Reorder Checks Service.

Running your own business comes with its own pros and cons. See whether the services offered by Bank of the San Juans for businesses are ideal for you.

Online Banking Capabilities of the Bank of the San Juans

Personal Online Banking is the most convenient way to do your personal banking and it’s also safe, secure, and ready to use whenever you need it. There are several perks you can get from this capability:

  • Conveniently transfer funds between accounts.
  • Access bank statements from up to 12 months ago.
  • Easily and conveniently make loan payments.
  • Stay on top of your accounts by viewing current transactions.

You can check the Frequently asked questions link for more information or you can just enroll now via this link.

Business Online Banking is the easiest way to do your business banking. It can also conveniently transfer funds between accounts. There are several perks:

  • Access your statements from up to 12 months ago.
  • Set up email/text alerts.
  • Order checks and conveniently make loan payments.

For more information, feel free to check the Frequently asked questions link or you can enroll immediately via this link.

Common Banking Fees of the Bank of the San Juans

In the next section, we will break down each of the common Fee Schedules for Personal Banking. Each fee is effective on April 15, 2020.

Personal Banking

Overdraft/NSF FeesWire Transfer Fees
The overdraft Fee is $30.00 and it’s accessible for each item paid.
The nonsufficient Funds (NSF) Fee is $30.00 and it’s accessible each time an item is presented and not paid.
The continuous Overdraft Fee is $5.00 and it’s accessible each day for accounts that remain overdrawn for more than 5 consecutive business days.
The domestic Wire Transfer Fee is $10.00 for each incoming wire transfer and $20.00 for each outgoing wire transfer.

Foreign Wire Transfer Fee is $10.00 for each incoming wire transfer, $75.00 for each outgoing wire transfer sent in U.S. dollars, and $50.00 for each outgoing wire transfer sent in foreign currency.
Card ServicesOther Fees
All fees that are available within card services are for Debit Cars only:
Debit Card Express Delivery will charge you roughly an $80.00 fee.
Debit Card Local Image Fee is roughly $5.00
Debit Card Custom Image Fee is roughly $10.00
The account Reconciliation Fee per hour is $30.00
Account Research Fee per hour is $30.00
The cashiers Check Fee per check is $5.00
Early Closing Fee (If the account is closed within the first 90 days) is $10.00
The sweep Transaction Fee for each transfer is $2.00
Stop Payment Fee is $30.00 for each item

Bank of the San Juans will always keep you noticed before making any transactions about other fees.

Minimum Deposits of the Bank of San Juans

For all checking and savings for both business and personal banking, almost every account doesn’t need a minimum deposit except for one account. That one account is Certificates of Deposit for Personal Banking:

Certificates of Deposit require a $500 minimum to open the deposit

How To Contact the Bank of the San Juans

If you have received an email from the Bank of the San Juans that might be fraudulent and you want to report it, you can forward it to and they will investigate.

If you want to contact the Bank directly, you may insert your contact name, address, city, etc., as shown in the picture below. You can click this link for direct access.

Bank of the San Juans Login Portal - Contact Page

There’s might be a chance that you may want to change your address. Therefore, you can complete their short form, print it, sign it, and deliver or mail it to your nearest Bank of the San Juans location. You can see the form below:

Bank of the San Juans - Change Address form

Banks of Similar Capacity

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To sum up, the Bank of the San Juans is not only supported by the considerable experience and shared resources of an entire network of all community Banks, but it also has received several awards for stability and soundness over the years.

Over two decades, the bank has grown into a robust organization across Colorado, with 20 locations in 14 communities and 200+ employees. We hope this article about navigating the Bank of the San Juans service portal was helpful for you.