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In 1849, when Comercia Bank was born, it only had six customers and $41 receipts total. However, today, Comercia Bank has expanded across the USA to states, such as Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, and Texas, carrying its mission to help local individuals and businesses fulfil their financial goals. Here, we will guide you to navigate the Comercia Bank login platform and give information about Comercia Bank.

Today, Comercia Bank has evolved and offers many banking products, including online banking, savings, checking, and more. Comercia online banking gives you convenient and secure banking access from your computer or phone.

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Branch/ATM Locator Locations
Routing Number 067012099
Contact 800-266-3742
Comerica Mobile Banking App Store | Google Play

How to Login to Comercia Bank Login Portal

You can log in to your account anytime and from anywhere if you have valid Comercia Bank online banking login credentials. Follow the steps below to log in.

Step 1: Visit the Comerica Bank official website.

Step 2: Click LOG IN on the top right corner of the homepage.

comercia bank login button

Step 3: Enter your User ID and Password, then click LOG IN.

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Provided you have used valid credentials, you will be able to access your online account.

How to Reset Your Password on Comercia Bank Login Portal

In case you had some login failure, you probably entered the wrong password. If that’s so, in this section, we will guide you on how to reset your password in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Click LOG IN on the top right corner of the homepage.

comercia bank login button

Step 2: Click Forgot Password.

comercia bank forgot password link

Step 3: Submit your User ID and E-mail Address. Click Next.

password reset form of comercia bank

You will create a new password on the next page after receiving a confirmation email. If you have any problems during the process, call Customer Service at 888-444-9876.

How to Recover Your Username on Commercia Bank Online Banking

Imagine if you had to pay electric bills using your online banking account, but suddenly you forgot the user ID. Worry not, for you can call Comerica’s Customer Service line at 800-266-3742 for further assistance.

Comerica Bank will make it easy for you to speak to the representatives when you have any concerns. The representatives are ready to help you during business hours, Monday-Friday from 8 am – 9 pm ET and Saturday from 8 am – 5 pm ET.

How to Open Comercia Bank Online Account

If you don’t have a Comercia Bank online banking account, you can open it anytime just in a couple of minutes. Here we have created a step-by-step guide to help you open an account.

Step 1: Click LOG IN on the top right corner of the homepage.

comercia bank login button

Step 2: Click ENROLL.

enroll button on comercia bank website

Step 3: Fill in all the required fields with your date of birth, primary account number, account type, and customer type. Click Continue Setup to end the first stage.

registration form of comercia bank online banking

Step 4: Complete the three next steps to create your account.

all steps to open a comercia bank online account

Once you finish all the steps, you can log into Comerica online banking using the user ID and password you created during the installation.

Mobile Banking Capabilities of Comerica Bank

Comerica Mobile Banking is a breakthrough from Comerica Bank to manage your finances while keeping up with your busy life. You can get convenient access to your money and account from home or on the go. It allows you to:

  • Use Zelle to send and receive money from another person
  • Transfer funds between Comerica and external bank accounts
  • Check your account balance and transaction history
  • Set up security alerts and be automatically notified via email
  • Use Bill Pay to pay your bills, schedule future payments, and track your payment history
  • Snap pictures to deposit the check into your account

Get the convenience of any transaction just in your hand with Comerica Mobile Banking. Available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

How to Contact Comerica Bank

Need more help? You can directly contact Comerica Bank for further assistance or get any information regarding its services and products. Check the contact information below.

24/7 Self-Service Banking


Personal, Small Business & Commercial Banking


They will be available from Monday – Friday 8 am – 9 pm ET, and Saturday 8 am – 5 pm ET.

Treasury Management


Personal and Business Debit & ATM Cards (24/7)

U.S. & Canada: 800-572-6620

Outside U.S. & Canada: 734-632-5181

Credit Cards Application

800-266-3742 (Monday – Friday 8 am – 9 pm ET)

Report a Lost or Stolen Credit Card (24/7)

Personal Credit Cards: 866-486-1015

Business Credit Cards: 866-486-1017


For existing Consumer Loans: 855-451-9201

Monday – Friday, 7 am – 7 pm ET

For new Consumer Loans: 800-266-3742

Monday – Friday, 8 am – 9 pm ET

Comerica Insurance Services


You also can visit or call your local branch office. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or require assistance.

Other Banks that Operate in Texas

Nowadays Comerica Bank has grown to become a large bank operating in Texas. It offers many banking products to its members, including checking and CD accounts.

You can maximize your savings and earn 2.30% APY for a 12 months fixed-rate CD with a $1,000 minimum deposit and a maximum of $1,000,000. Comerica Bank also provides four types of checking accounts. Comerica Platinum Circle Checking is the best so far since you will earn a 0.02% APY starting with $1 to over the minimum balance. You must have a minimum opening deposit of $50.

In case you are still exploring other banks that offer better products to establish your banking financial goals, here we have covered the three best banks in Texas.

Let’s explore all three of them!

IBC Bank

IBC Bank stands for International Bank of Commerce, a multi-bank financial holding company headquartered in Laredo, Texas. They have 167 facilities and 259 ATMs serving 75 communities in Texas and Oklahoma. The bank offers many products, including savings, checking, loans, and more.

While Comerica Bank only offers two interest-bearing and a high-interest checking account, in IBC Bank you will find five types of interest checking, including IBC Connection, Check ‘N Save Negotiable Order of Withdrawal (N.O.W.), IBC Elite Checking N.O.W., Check ‘N Save Plus, and IBC Elite Advantage.

They have competitive interest rates, no monthly fees, and unlimited check writing. IBC Elite Checking (N.O.W.) gives additional benefits for those 50 years of age or older. You also can get premium rates by choosing the Check ‘N Save Plus account.

Prosperity Bank

Formed in 1983, Prosperity is a bank holding company headquartered in Houston, Texas with operating areas in Texas and Central Oklahoma. It provides many banking products, such as real estate loans, teen checking, and more.

The bank gives many options for free checking accounts. It has up to six types of accounts with low monthly charges and unlimited withdrawals.

Prosperity Bank provides a Teen Checking account with a $25 minimum to open and $0 monthly fees. It has two types of interest checking accounts with a $1,500 minimum opening deposit and unlimited check writing and withdrawal.

Frost Bank

Founded 154 years ago, Frost Bank is a Texas-chartered bank based in San Antonio with over 155 branches and 1,700 ATMs. It is one of the largest banks in the U.S. and offers many financial services for personal, business, investment, and insurance.

While you will only earn 2.25% APY for a 12-month fixed-term CD of Comercia Bank, here, at Frost Bank, you can get more than that. Frost Bank allows its customers to invest their money in 12-month terms and earn up to 2.75% APY.

The highest rate is 2.85% APY for a 24-month fixed term. You must maintain a $100,000 minimum balance to get those rates. But you will earn up to 2.50% APY when you maintain a $10,000 to $99,999 minimum deposit.

To sum up, if you need to open a checking account, you may consider starting with Prosperity Bank and IBC Bank. However, Comerica Platinum Circle Checking offers only a $1 or over to obtain a 0.02% APY and has $0 monthly fees.

Frost Bank can be your top seed to invest your money, since it offers up to 2.50% APY for a 12-month fixed term, while Comercia Bank offers a 2.25% APY. However, Comercia Bank offers a lower minimum daily balance, only $1,000, which is the lowest of the three other banks. You’ll earn a 002% APY starting with a $1 daily balance and a minimum opening deposit of $50.

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Hope this article was useful and gives you all details about Comerica Bank’s online banking login procedures. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.