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The vision of Greekbill, established in 1995, is to provide value-added financial management services for the Greek Community and the fraternal industry in the U.S. They lead the industry in collection rates, customer service satisfaction, and customized solutions to their client’s needs. Here we cover everything you need to navigate Greekbill login portal, their products and services, etc.
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How to Login to My Greekbill

Greekbill services are just a click away! How to log in? Follow the simple instructions below.

Step 1: Access the Greekbill website via this link.

Step 2: On the top right corner of the web page, you can click the grey Log In box next to Greekbill’s email address.

Greekbill login

Step 3: Once you’ve clicked the button, you will be directed to this page:

Greekbill login

Step 4: Insert your username and password, and then click the Sign In button. Please note that your username is your email address.

Once you are logged into your Greekbill, you can continue your financial activities on behalf of your chapter.

How To Reset Your Password on Greekbill Login

Sometimes, the best of us can forget our password due to various reasons. Fear not. Here is how you login into the my Greekbill account

Step 1: On the Greekbill Login page, you can click the Forgot Password button underneath the Sign In button.

Step 2: After that, you will be directed to this page.

my greekbill forgot password

Step 3: Type your Email Address and your Last Name. Don’t forget to tick the “I’m not a robot” box on reCAPTCHA.

Step 4: Then click Submit and you will receive an email containing a link to reset your password. Please follow the given instructions in the email carefully.

How to Reset Your Account Number on Greekbill Login

Some people forgot their password, while others forgot their account number. In this article, we will give you simple instructions on how to retrieve your Greekbill Account Number.

Step 1: Access the Forgot Account website through this link.

Step 2: Insert your Email Address and tick the I’m not a robot Recaptcha Box, as shown in the picture below.

my greekbill account number recovery

Step 3: Click Submit button after you filled in your email address and you will receive an email containing a link to retrieve your account number. Please follow the instructions given on the body of the email to recover your account.

How to Request a Demo on Greekbill

Signing up/ enrolling to Greekbill online is fairly easy. As there is no wait time or approval needed for single chapters, in order to request a demo, all you need to do is fill in a couple of boxes of information and wait for Greekbill to contact you to finish the set up.

Step 1: Identify whether you are a Chapter Client or a Headquarters Client and head to that page on the website. Headquarters manage the finances of a number chapters facilitated by the transparent processes of Greekbill.

Step 2: Click Request a Demo. You will be directed to a page that looks like this.

Greekbill request a demo

Step 3: Fill in the necessary information, verify that you are not a robot, and click SUBMIT. Wait for Greekbill to contact you through email/ phone to finalize the process.

Solutions Available on the Greekbill Login Portal

Whether you are a single chapter or a headquarters client, Greekbill provides a variety of services for you to take advantage. Here we will be looking at the features of both.

Greekbill Chapter Features

When it comes to service, Greekbill has plenty up their sleeves. Their services include, but not limited to:

  • BILL MEMBERS & PAY DUES: Maintenance of membership made easy by the creation of invoices send to members for their dues. The option is there for members to pay online, by phone, or by mail.
  • CHAPTER BANKING: Features include weekly direct deposits from Greekbill into your local bank account, automatic syncing, bank reconciliation and full visibility.
  • PURCHASE CARD: Features include safe and convenient payment for purchases and bills, pre-loaded funds on the card, online reporting, track and trace, and security with only authorized officers being able to spend funds.
  • CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: An option to save time by allowing your members to sign contracts electronically.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: The service offers 24/7 support for members, parents, and individual account representatives.
  • CUTTING-EDGE USER EXPERIENCE: Easy-to-navigate user interface helps you with resolving your financial queries.
  • REGAIN TAX EXEMPT STATUS: To help you prepare and submit all the information required for filing reinstatement forms.
  • NO WAIT TIME: Your financial solution provided in a matter of hours.
  • EASY TO JOIN: Chapters set up for success with offers such as intensive webinar training sessions, easy to follow training videos and manuals, in-person training sessions, etc.
  • PROVEN RESULTS: Greekbill clients save valuable time and money with an average collection rate of 98.2%.

Greekbill Headquarters Features

Their solutions are framed to empower all aspects of your organization, to manage your finances better, and provide transparency across all chapters for holistic financial health. These are the ways in which Greekbill assists you in managing your chapters:

  • HOUSE CORPORATIONS: To set you up for contract management specifically for housing contracts, to best fit the needs of housing corporations.
  • CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: To create a service offering in line with your organization needs and budget.
  • VISIBILITY & TRANSPARENCY: Greekbill provides visibility and transparency into who has paid, and what is still owed.
  • ENHANCED SERVICES: Online access to all chapter financial reports, member information, and communications tools.
  • BUDGETS: Plan ahead by creating and tracking chapter budgets at Greekbill.

Greekbill FAQ’s

Here we cover common questions Greekbill customers have about navigating the Greekbill account. As the company values transparency, they have made this information easily accessible on their website.

How Do I Update My Information?

To update your username, password, contact information, or other account information, log into your account and click on the Settings Tab on the left side of the Dashboard page. Make sure to save any changes before leaving the page.

What Information Will You Need To Start Our Account?

Once your chapter has decided to use greekbill, your chapter representative will contact you and let you know specifically what is needed from your chapter. The basics include a signed contract, the names of all active and inactive members, as well as their billing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and balances.

How Do We Receive Our Money?

Greekbill direct deposits funds collected into the chapter’s bank account weekly. These deposits allow chapters to have complete control of their funds and keep an organized record of when they received deposits from greekbill.

How Do Members Make Payments?

Members can choose from a variety of payment methods, including credit card, electronic check (automatic draft from a checking account), check, and money order. Debit cards can also be used as long as they have a Visa or MasterCard logo on them. Credit card and electronic check payments can be made online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How To Contact Greekbill

Contact Greekbill by selecting the form option that best applies to you and then clicked the submit button as shown below:

You can access the Contact Form through this link.

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