klikBCA Individual Internet Banking Login

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klikBCA Individual is a secure login platform for all your banking activities. To use KlikBCA service users need to register at one of the ATM or the nearest BCA branch.

KlikBCA is the quickest and easiest way to provide security for your online transactions.

How to use KlikBCA?

Step 1: Register at ATM or the nearby BCA branch.

Step 2: Download the BCA mobile application from here.

Step 3: Select KlikBCA on the BCA mobile menu as a launcher and the application will automatically redirect you to smartphone version of KlikBCA’s website.

How to use m-BCA?

Step 1: To use m-BCA service you need to register your cellular number that you will use to ATM or the nearest BCA branch.

Step 2: Download m-BCA mobile app from here.

Step 3: Select m-BCA on the BCA mobile menu. Then app automatically redirects the user to re-download and replace the BCA mobile where you can able to use all m-BCA applications.
Step 4: Now create your access code to gain permission for using m-BCA.

Step 5: Enter your m-BCA pin to start the activation process.

Step 6: After successful activation process you can start using m-BCA services.
BCA Branches Locator
(021) 235 88000
(021) 235 88300

Few Things you need to know about KlikBCA

transaction limit

you can transfer rupiah to rupiah, Rp. 100 Million per day per user ID and Equivalent Rp. 15 Million Rupiah to Foreign Currency.

klikBCA Individual limit

Transfer to another domestic bank account

klickbca fund transfer

BCA internet banking
Every customer who has deposited fun in the bank and having a card which can ben used to perform banking transaction at ATM BCA can use BCA Internet Banking facilities efficiently.

To use BCA internet banking user must have BCA IB User Identity or user ID and BCA IB PIN (Personal Identification number) which can be obtained while registering at BCA atm for the first time.

Internet Banking BCA transactions

To make any online transactions through BCA IB (Internet Banking) user must have KeyBCA.

klikBCA Individual