Target Gift Card Balance Check

Last Updated on December 15, 2020 by Admin is a secure online platform for checking your gift card balance and account history. Knowing your card balance before doing shopping is always a good thing.

MyBalanceNow allows users to check various target gift cards statement without submitting login details.

How to purchase Target gift card?

There are lots of gift cards available on according to category and purpose of use.

You can buy a Physical gift card from several retailers or in any target store during checkout in the price range between 5$ to 1000$ or you can also buy an eGift card from 5$ to 100$.

Target eGiftcard vs Mobile Gift card

Target eGiftcard is sent by mail as an electronic gift card. If you want to purchase something from Target eGiftcard you need to select an amount with details of items and it will be emailed to the vendor within 4 hrs.

This also has the barcode which can be scanned in-store and website.

Mobile Gift card sent by text message to the vendor and you will receive and web link so your mobile should be the web enabled.

How much does it cost of shipping when order by gift card?

All target gift card allows free shipping. If you want express delivery then additional charges may apply.

Type of Target Gift cards

Dining cards
Gaming cards
Pre-paid phone cards
Pre-paid merchandise cards
Music download cards
Movie cards
Travel cards
Pre-paid Social media Cards
Sim cards

How to check balance in

Step 1: Got to

Step 2: In the right side, enter your card number, expiry date, and CVV code.


Step 3: Now click on Go to see detailed and transaction details. FAQ

Where can I use the Target gift card?

Target visa gift card can be used across all US Target stores where visa debit cards accepted. You can not use these gift cards in ATMs.

Can I recharge my gift card?

Yes, you can recharge your card online or at the offline store.

How to activate the card?

The card can be activated by the cashier at the time of purchase or by sing in your associate bank account with the card.

Can I withdraw cash with the card?
No, the card can not be used at an ATM.

What is the fee for buying the gift card?

You need to pay minimal starting purchase fee as listed below. There is no any other additional cost for maintenance or hidden charges.

Card Value    Purchase Fee
$25 Card       $4.00
$50 Card       $5.00
$100 Card     $6.00
$200 Card     $6.00
$400 Card     $6.00