Payments and Customer Support is an online portal to make medical payments easily in few steps. My Medical Payments is a safe, secure, and trusted gateway to make your medical bill payments.

You can check & review your account balance and also can update your billing address from

How to signup for Making payment at

You can sign up with account number ( right upper corner at your emergency physician bill) and social security number.

Step 1: First go to

Step 2: Enter patient’s account number and verify identity by entering the date of birth, mobile number or last 4 digits of social security number of the patient.


Step 3: Accept terms and conditions and click on ‘sign in’ button.

MyMedicalPayments is totally responsible for your personal information under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and protects all medical information from unauthorized sources.

Sometimes you may receive 2 separate bills for your doctor visit, but you won’t be charged twice. Both bills are for different services which cover using hospital equipment, medical supplies, resources, refer charges, diagnosis, and treatment.

Sometimes hospitals may hire outside people which are not hospital employees to provide the best health care as promised.


What is hospitalist refer for?

The physician doctor who specially appointed to take care of patients as a primary doctor.

How to submit my medical insurance claim?

You just have to fill the form with all details of patient’s insurance claim provider and the hospital will make the bill of your services and will be attached with insurance form.

If you not covered by insurance then you can call to customer care to set up interest-free payment. And if your claim is related to accidental or automobile then you have to submit auto insurance provider details.

IS Mymedicalpayments safe?

Yes, It’s totally safe and secure.

My Medical Payments Contact

Phone: 800-355-2470